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Data recovery tool for damaged graphic files. It supports JPEG and PSD file formats. Picture Doctor
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18 March 2010

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Do you have any graphic files that are damaged and are you searching for a tool that would help you to recover them? Well to help recover from such situations you need to get a help from a good old doctor. Wait we are not referring you to a physician but the remarkable utility called Picture Doctor 1.6.1 which comes loaded with features restore the graphic files which got corrupted and enables you to save them with BMP format. Apart from BMP format it also supports recovering JPEG (JFIF, EXIF) and PSD (Adobe Photoshop) files. It has another beneficial feature that is batch processing that allows for recovering many file together.

Picture Doctor 1.6.1 opens with the medium sized window that has the features to make the selection for working with the utility. Add the files that you want to recover by browsing. You can also remove the files that re not required but got selected by mistake. Then you need to make the selection for the output directory by browsing for the desired destination. Click ‘Start rescue’ and the program starts to recover the files that had been added. You can stop the rescue process anytime and go for the recovered files in the set directory. The software would successfully recover the corrupted files. When the files are recovered then you can also seed the details on the upper side of the screen relating to the Total files, Processed Files, Bad Files, Recovered Files, etc. It would recover the files and let you have the images recovered with the original dimensions and the palette. The PDF files are recovered with the layers data by the program. You need not worry if because of some fault many of your graphics files are corrupted as it also provides you with the batch process features. It’s uncomplicated to be used by anyone and you would not require knowing any special knowledge for operating the program.

Picture Doctor 1.6.1 is good at recovering the corrupted files with few selections for which it receives a score of 3.5 rating points. The fact that is able to successfully recover various kinds of corrupted files also adds to its repute.

Publisher's description

Data recovery solution for damaged pictures. It supports PSD and JPEG file formats. Picture Doctor restores the corrupted images and saves them in BMP format. Supports JPEG and PSD file formats, recovers images with original dimensions and palette, restores layers data for PSD files, easy-to-use, batch files processing.
Your digital photos are damaged?
Picture Doctor will help you to recover corrupted and truncated photos!
Key features:
* Free to try
* Supports JPEG and PSD images
* Recovers files with original dimensions and palette
* Recovers layers data for PSD images
* Easy-to-use
* Batch file processing
* Picture recovery service at home!
Picture Doctor
Picture Doctor
Version 1.7.3
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